Wednesday, November 17, 2010

past memories

Hi smileyjade here, suddenly popping out of nowhere after a ridiculously long time of inactivity in this blog.

I've dug up some old drawings and a video of what I did in past DBSK fandom madness

First, the five of them posing for the LG mobile with their TVXQ name. They're dressed in terrible clothes imo ... We had many flyers of this LG picture to distribute to the public as we had to promote their concert, which was in July 14 2006, the first concert they had in Malaysia.

Somehow as we joined online forums to spazz about them, we had competitions or dedication projects and these are the 3 I did on one occasion. Took me 5 hours in total to draw.

The third one is sort of welcoming TVXQ to Malaysia.
This banner below is a dedication to my favorite member, Choi Kang Chang Min.


Now, this video below is originally a present for somebody... I don't even know who she is, it was another forum activity. Then I recycled it to give my two favorite DBSK fans in the world - Melissa and Lih Jiunn - I really love this song too and I think the pictures came out nicely with the timing. Sorry you girls for secretly 'recycling' the gift...

Now that the lawsuit and separation of the boys have occurred and the future of the five reunited seems uncertain... We can only dwell in past memories, smile at the fun times and sigh at the bad times, and remember them in our hearts forever as their fans.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Rhythmic Music Generation (RMG)

With the hype of TVXQ's 4th album, "Mirotic" going on, I'm going to talk about the shift of music from melodic songs to SMP style songs to strong rhythmic songs in TVXQ songs. The reason is TVXQ songs are always catered for mainstream. So, by listening to TVXQ songs we can roughly gauge what is going on in the Korean music industry:)

I've done a bit of data collecting and research^^
Using catchy tunes and exciting lyrics to produce a title song is already an outdated method. The Korean music industry (‘gayo’) now uses strong rhythm to manifest the variety of trend tendency. Since last year, electro-pop introduces the revival of strong rhythmic songs in the Korean ‘gayo’. In the second half year of 2008, Seo Taiji, BoA and other artistes lead the trend by releasing rhythmic music one after another.
BoA has entered the American music industry by releasing her debut song “Eat You Up”, which is also a hip-hop dance song with strong rhythm beat. "Eat You Up" is a song composed by Remee & Troelsen, who also composed TVXQ’s 4th album title song "Mirotic". Both songs are similar in being a Reverse Beat dance track.
According to song composer, Park Goon Tae, “Songs were determined by its melody to give the song a complete feeling. Now, repetitive rhythms are used in song arrangements to achieve a strong effect.”
Seo Taiji insists on using Nature Pound singing style in his comeback title song after 4 years 7 months, “Outmost Part Moai”. Wonder Girls, Big Bang and other groups also uses repetitive melody with strong rhythm in their songs.
The “Rhythmic Music Generation” emphasizes on using the body to feel the music, instead of using the ears to listen to the music. To feel the song, one must use the body to feel it instead of using the brain to remember it. Therefore, if melody is to touch our emotions, then rhythmic music will be to stimulate our feelings.
Editor of a music magazine “Rhythm On”, Kang Il-Jeon, says “Good Rhythm is easily accepted by public, at the same time is easy to be forgotten. There are very little people who appreciate music that features strong rhythm. However, one will get addicted to RMG easily, once fall into it. Songs of today do not concern only on music played through CD player and radio, but also music that is used for ringtones, blog music, etc. Thus, there is a tendency that music is moving towards instrumentals or music as accessories.
The reason to recompose the song in RMG style is to improvise the depletion of the melody by comparing its essential beat with the music rhythm. It is quite easy to compose all sorts of rhythm by using the sound synthesizer to mix a variety of musical instruments with the composing style of experienced composers. This shift of music style is most probably caused by the method of composing where machines are used to compose music, instead of using the brain to visualise the music.
Regardless what types of rhythm are used to revive music style, it influences music lovers vastly, especially those who are familiar with the Club culture and RMG style of using rhythm as a main feature in music.
Music commentator, Bae Soon, analyses the popularity of RMG style music and says “1990 onwards started with Hongdae club as centre for RMG lovers where the group of RMG lovers consists of youngsters from age 10s to 20s. Now, RMG songs slowly becoming mainstream music show that this music genre is receiving attention from general music lovers.  
PS: I've listened to the 4th album!! Will come up with reviews soon<3

Friday, June 13, 2008

ToHoShinKi's 23rd single

Why Have I Fallen In Love With You
this is the first time i've heard a harp playing in the opening lines of the song... it's really beautiful! The song repeatedly questions the beginnings of love and expressed the sufferings of a one-sided love... I found the lyrics on
But the reason why I like this song is its ringing melody that makes me feel peaceful and calm...
How many times have DBSK washed their magic over me like this? Countless of times. Their music is wonderful.

Friday, January 11, 2008

THSK jap singles

Hey ToHoShinKi's japanese singles are not bad these days... But i really want to criticise some of their songs..
1. Together
the background is super noisy, the MV has no sign of the boys anywhere - it's all sucky animation - blergh i could draw so much better, they don't even have proper mouths! The animation storyline isn't great either. Only good thing about the whole song is that it's happy! It's meant for children and to lift your spirits I think...
2. High Time
endlessly repetitive. and Jae Joong sang " Are you lady to go?!!!"
... err i take that back! I love Rainbow and they keep singing "Lainbow" anyway.
3... can't think of any!!!! There are alot of songs which I consider run-of-the-mill pop songs and I don't care to listen but I can't say I hate them either. ToHo's voices never sound mediocre to me! So I only find fault with the melody, arrangement, background music and whatnot.
On the other hand...
TOP MOST LOVED THSK JAP SONGS (imo!!! and these songs rock miles above some of their Korean songs)
1. Begin - the first ballad that melted my heart. so sad, yet so beautiful.
2. Love In The Ice - serious test of their vocal abilities. great to hear.
3. Forever Love - 2nd ballad that melted my heart. so soothing and lovely.
4. Sky - the only song that made me jump up in excitement.
5. Summer Dream - my fav MV. Junsu and his ultimate adorable dance!
6. Step By Step - a very happy song imo
7. Promise - also a very happy and light-hearted song. Both of us love the Bossanova mix.
8. omg how could i forget? HUG acapella version!!! the best acapella they've ever done so far imo.. i love it soooo much <3333333>
Purple Line - finally they did something radically new and strong! So different from their old songs! I love it the moment I heard the 1st preview! The MV(preview is out!) oozed with hotness in darkness and purple neon lines! All of them look extra HOT in the PV! yeah man i'm so intoxicated i'm gonna wear purple tomorrow!
No??? - melody with good feeling!
Darkness Eyes - strong beats for the song, exciting feel!
Rainbow - a pleasure to hear.
I found the download link at just scroll down to find the "DBSK No + Darkness eyes mp3 download" post. This blog (yup, Let's All Eat Candy!) is extremely convenient for catching up on the latest news on DBSK and Suju! Thanks to Pinkandsparkly!!!
THE NEW SONGS ALL ROCK!!! must get the THSK 3rd jap album once it's out~~~

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Recently, the members of TVfXQ are very into Bleach. In one of the many interviews they faced, Xiah Jun Su even said that "Bleach is my life"! ^^

The following is copypasted from one of the many thousand pages of the DBSK thread in soompi, a long time ago.

Recently, TVXQ was on a program and this question was posed to them: What animation character would you like to become?
Their answers were somewhat unexpected.
Yunho's choice was: Tsukasa Domyoji in Hana yori Dango. His reason was because he felt that 'This character isn't a bad character, and is simple minded/ innocent"[T/n: The chinese will know this character as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden. This was Jerry Yen's character]
Junsu's choice was: Sun Wu Kong/Monkey God in Journey to the West because he was teleport around in seconds and he can ride on clouds.
Changmin's choice was Hanamichi Sakuragi in Slam Dunk
Jaejoong says he wants to be like Junsu and chose a character from Journey to the West as well. His choice was the Bronze Man. [Those Shaolin monks :x]Yoochun wants to be Totoro in Totoro because he says Totoro looks cute waiting for the bus
BestizTranslation credits: Sparkskey

If i have the time, I'm gonna post DRAWINGS of each member superimposed in their chosen anime character! ^^

Friday, December 14, 2007

concert update!!!

JADEL_LING's gonna relive the experience of that wonderful night TVfXQ performed at Stadium Merdeka in KL! It happened exactly one month ago! Awesome!

Our seats turned out to be quite good after all because we get plastic chairs on grass and our seats are close to the middle so we can actually see them very well if they happen to walk on the left side aisle… I thought all along that I’d dislike this section since it’s YooSu side and not HoMin side… but what do you know… Chang Min, Jae Joong and Jun Su walked over here quite often! Man... Chang Min has the most handsome face on earth and he’s just so nice and happy and sweet. Jun Su’s unbelievably cheerful and bouncy, especially during Balloons when he’s happily moving around in the giant toy aeroplane. Jae Joong came over a few times but had his butt facing us for awhile during one of the songs~ lol~

Wow this time people guarding the entrances, exits and all aisles are real security guards in army uniform! They’re really fierce too in nabbing those sneakily taking videos/pictures or those standing up when they should be sitting down. I did stand a couple of times because everyone’s blocking my view and in the encore, Hug, I had no choice but to stand on my chair because I simply can’t see anything. OMG songs towards the ending like Drive, Balloons, and Hug encore was the happiest moment ever…. Mostly because Jun Su was there so close by, nodding up and down cheerfully in his aeroplane.

I have obtained the order of songs from soompi’s "katsukix". Thanks very much!

1 Phantom - everyone was estatic as this song started right after the intro. The boys are finally here and performing!
2 Million Men
3 The Way U Are - LOL there was a 'war between human and beast' theme in this song and Jae Joong was screaming "It's about the way u are!!!" There was a part where Yun Ho saw Chang Min cleverly struck a sword at the beast behind him as if he knew it was coming, it's really cool!
4 Rising Sun - this song especially got us very excited as we knew the dance moves to it and we loved every moment ^^
5 One - I guess the intro for this song was the blue screen with an underwater play where 5 guys were lowered down headfirst in swimming motions. they moved with their backs facing us and were slow and graceful. My cousin Melissa said they probably weren't really Dong Bang, though, as they disappeared below the stage and the boys appeared soon after from below the stage.
6 Miduhyo
7 You're my Miracle
8 Xiah's solo - the intro had him showing off his dancing skills in a subway-themed place with lotsa hip hop punks and stuff... Xiah is so "Da God" in this performance of My Page, his brilliance shone through his gold costume and flexible body as he danced and sang for all of us screaming fans. We chanted "Kim Jun Su! Kim Jun Su!" so happily for him <3
9 Micky's solo - He tried to deliver a smooth, soothing performance singing One Last Cry. It was heartwarming. I heard he kinda got off-key abit, I'm not really sure... Lots of Micky fans were happily singing along.
10 U-Know's solo - Jiunn considered this performance of Spokesman to be one of the best and most memorable ones of the concert! It's so great and energetic!OK Yun Ho had a back injury so he couldn't dance vigorously. He still tried to give 100% effort anyway, rapping with another Korean guy whom we couldn't recognize. Some say he's Henry from Super Junior, some say no, he isn't Henry.
11 Hey Girl
12 I wanna hold you
13 Whatever they say (from the clip D: )
14 You only love - beautiful, beautiful song, one of my ultimate favorites.
15 Max's solo - I didn't know that the intro had 5 guys silhouetted in black playing musical intruments... and Chang Min was saying Ok this, Ok that... when everything finally ran smoothly - the music playing perfectly - he came out to sing When I First Kissed You. He made us fall in love with jazz because he had smooth moves and a powerful voice manipulated to swing around the fluctuating notes. Too bad during this perf there weren’t many glowing sticks in the air – I hope it’s only because everyone’s tired and had to rest! ^^
16 Hero's solo - Jae Joong’s much-awaited solo, Crying. I say “much-awaited” because there were people passing notes around telling everyone to open their mobile phones to shine light for Jae Joong during his solo. Turns out, there were many people seated at the back obliging to that. Well Jae Joong performed admirably well as usual, taking his fans to cloud nine ^^
17 Drive - the introductory video showed the boys' visit to the car showroom and the junkyard in fast motion and cartoonish music so the song got everyone cheering gleefully, it was just so cute ^^ Jun Su walked over to the left side a few times bouncing up and down.
18 Dangerous Mind - this song has another 'war' theme to it - scenes from a war zone and children hurt and all - and Dong Bang's performance got everyone just as excited anyway
19 Tri-angle - Micky was wearing this green tops with only strings like seaweed baring his chest and whenever he and Max appeared close up on screen, the fans' screams will get louder. Max was wearing a very wide-collared top that reveals his chest as well whenever he bent low. Jang Ri In sang BoA's part! She appeared in a higher platform somewhere onstage and tried her best trying to project as much power as she could into her voice while trying to keep steady at the same time. A lot of people said she looked very pretty ^^
20 O - Jung Ban Hap - Guys dressed in army uniform marched waved giant flags around for this song ^^ It was one of the most exciting performances with everyone on their feet and euphoria running high, especially the dancing and the shouting of "O! ~ JUNG! ~ BAN! ~ HAP! ~ ~ HO! HO!" Jun Su pulled off the solo dance in the intro in place of Yun Ho. Jun Su is really very good at sustaining his super high form, dancing and singing all night in so many songs ^^
21 Remember - ironically (or rather intentionally), the intro vid is themed "Memories".
22 Timeless - I really didn't expect a Timeless performance until I learned from soompi that Jang Ri In arrived in KL a day before Dong Bang. woohoo! the performance was not bad, the fans were singing along in a trance ~
23 Balloons - They showed the animation clip considered by now a classic by TVfXQ fans. It got everyone so childishly happy, especially Jun Su!
24 Hi Ya Ya - I really love this song as it was performed right after Balloons to keep the "happiness" momentum up :p Plus everyone was too estatic to sit down - the boys were running everywhere giving out goodies from 'magic bags'. Jun Su threw random flowers and gifts at our section - lucky us!
25 Pabo - One of my favorite slow songs from TVfXQ. Was it this song that they sang on a rotating platform wearing charming white suits? No I think that was Remember. There was a song where they each stood on a rising tower-like platforms at the corners of the stage extensions. Chang Min's one won't go up at first and he was so cute being stuck down there trying to sing perfectly, maintaining his cool.
26 Hug - They bade us farewell and went backstage while everyone chanted 'Encore! Encore!" Then they came out to perform this last song^^ When it came to the "Go U-Know! Go U-Know!" part, they went "Go Jun Su! Go Jun Su!" instead.
Yun Ho was kinda down that night, probably because he couldn't perform as vigorously as he liked. Nevertheless, they all seemed to enjoy themselves very much. Some fans stayed back to sing 'I'll Be There' and Happy Birthday to Xiah. I heard that the boys went to Q-Bar in Sunway after the concert and they celebrated there until 5am! They stayed at JW Marriott Hotel in KL and went back to Korea late at night the following day. Their concert was such a blast, TheStar reported that 12,000 people turned up for it, double of that last year! Way to go, Dong Bang! ^^

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


We are all curious creatures right???
from their family background, to birthdates, to even bloodtype..downright to even their palms!!

This pic is to give you all a clear view on palmistry. It's from wikipedia:)
In-depth information: here!

The most obvious thing on his palm is the line cutting across. It shows that he has great wisdom. There's a traditional saying that if it cuts on the left palm, he is a great leader. If it cuts on his right palm, he is great at handling finance.

His palm has many messy lines which indicates that he is always doing hardwork throughout his life. He is always think about other people and very busy with other people's problems, therefore makes him tired and always busy.

With this kind of hand, if he moves towards the good side, he will be respected by others. His type of hand is also very strong and when he hits people, he doesn't know whether it is painful to others or not.

LIFE LINE: There's small sicknesses throughout his whole life, but it won't obstruct him greatly.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): smooth & extensive career. He is very career minded and hardworking. He will work his way all up to be successful. However, because of this, little sicknesses and his character of always looking after other people's problems grows out from here.

In general, his health, wealth, love, and career will get better only during his late years.
LIFE LINE: Long line indicates long life, but his health is average.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): He might meet rough times during his career. But his career will be back on track at the end. He has to be careful of evil people as his fate is to meet many bad people like this-.- His wealth line isn't really good at the front part, indicating average wealth in his young days. However, it gets better when he's older.
HEART LINE: Lots of hard times in his love life. He will have a lot of relationships in his life too. However, after marriage, he will be stable. During his golden years, he would lead a happy life.

He is like yunho's palm, has a lot of messy lines. He goes through a lot of experiences in life.

LIFE LINE: Long life and good health.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): He is intelligent and knows how to grab on an opportunity. He has a smooth career life and will be successful at a young age. His wealth at a young age is better. His wealth line for the early years is the clearest among 5.
HEART LINE: He has an early love life and there's a slight of indication that he will two-time. He will also marry late. Even though he reaches his middle age, there are many opposite sex will approach him.

He has a Water Hand, which means emotions are more important than reasons. This kind of hand makes a good poet and musician. They also go very well in the beauty and fashion industry.

LIFE LINE: His life line is long too. But the front part is unclear, indicating bad health during his young days. However, during his middle years, he will have good health.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): He is witty and doesn't lack in intelligence. He is able to manage a few careers together at one time. However, his wealth line is weak. Hence, it explains that his account has only 3 digit? haha
HEART LINE: Very messy line shows he is popular with opposite sex. It is his fate that there will be many girls appear throughout his life. He will marry at least twice in his life.

LIFE LINE: A long one too. He also has clear veins indicating very good health.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): Clear head line indicates that he is very intelligent. He is very hardworking in his career and his career starts early. It simply means that he will reach his peak of success during his middle years. There will also be a transition in his career too.
HEART LINE: His love life starts later in his life. At the start, he will be very loyal, but at the end of his marriage life, there might be some problems occur. He needs to handle them seriously. His golden years would be comfortable and easy.

Anyways, these are done by other fans, I'm just translating from chinese forums:)
I actually had this very long ago, just that I do not have time to post it up!
So thanks to those fans that wrote abt their palm analysis!!
But, I do add in my little knowledge on palmistry too! Had a little interest in astrology a few years back :)
I'm not a copycat, I compile ;)

Press Conference in Sunway Hotel, Malaysia @ 17 Oct 2007

Sleeping Habits

Let's go right to the basic of life.
Everyone needs sleep to recharge.
They are normal humans too, but famous homo sapiens eh!
That's why it's worth talking about :D


Our leader here loves to SMS before sleeping, and sometimes SMS halfway and fell asleep. Because of their tight schedule, they always fly everywhere and airplane becomes their beds. Usually, jaeho sits together, yoosu and changmin with manager. Before he sleeps, he'll take of his shoes (actually all 5 also love to take off their shoes before sleeping). Then, he'll take the small pillow, place it at jaejoong's shoulder, and sleeps on jaejoong's shoulders.


Jaejoong loves sleeping with his stomach on the bed and NAKED (omg..nose bleeding..). Actually sleeping with your stomach on bed is bad, because it increases the curvature of the spine. Hence adding more pressure to the spine joints and also hurt the tendons at front. When part of the body weight is pressing down on the ribs and intestines, it will affect your breathing. if you sleep facing down, you need to twist your neck too, again not good la. However, sleeping NAKED is good. Without the clothes wrapping around you, you are able to relax and your blood flows smoothly. This helps you to sleep deeply.

yay!! so i encourage all 5 of htem to sleep NAKED!!! It helps widen girl fans imagination, you know!!! hehehe ;)


He looks very active in shows, but at night when he sleeps, he is very quiet. He loves putting his hand underneath the pillow. He has good sleeping habits. However, when they move around attending their schedules and stays at hotel, his sleeping partner is always changmin. As known, changmin has the worst sleeping habits. Junsu got kicked by changmin is normal. So, our cute junsu can only take revenge by asking for his bank account no. while changmin is sleeping-.-"

Haha..he is like the most being bullied by the other 4 of them. even sleeping also he will be disturbed-.-" haha

As we know that he is from USA, he has a habit of hugging something at his hands and legs as well. He sleeps just like a little kid. He looks cute sleeping like this, but it is not a good habit. It shows that he feel insecure. Another habit which has not changed since he debut is he does not like to wake up early morning. It is really difficult for him to wake up after sleeping. During their early debut, his manager tried to wake him up many times and sometimes he even gets angry :D Even now, if you see him appearing in shows at early morning, he looks blank and wanders off-.-"This is because he isn't fully awake yet. So, our Micky is Ms. Nightingale!! who only fully awake during the night.ahhaha

I do realise that most of koreans that are from USA have somehow wounded psychologically. They definitely feel insecure and at times you do notice a certain level of inconfidence by looking at their faces. Probably living at a different country with a different culture and a dominant language-English, has made them suffer a lot. Ki Bum from Suju is also one of those that sleeps with hugging something.

He did not have any sleeping habits. (note: did not) But during their Japan schedules, due to the stress, weird sleeping habits starts to appear. Then, he became the worst sleeping habit person among 5. He talks while sleeping, laughs loudly and hits people-.-" The most melancholy thing is you can chit chat with him too! Anything that you ask, he'll answer.
Person: What do you want to eat tmr?
Changmin: Ramyeon.
After he wakes up, he couldn't remember whatever he said before.

Although he looks cute doing all these things while sleeping, I somehow feel sad for the effects of stress done to him. Poor thing.